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Members of the LockBox community can register according to profile “type.” Consumers can sign up as “Private Clients” and maintain the anonymity and avoid unwanted solicitation.

LockBox members enjoy convenient access to professionals, community forums, and online courses, aiding them in recognizing their current position and devising a plan for their desired destination. By gaining a comprehensive grasp of industry standards and staying informed about the changing security landscape, they can achieve a more substantial return on investment.

Our members will be able to tap into educational resources, information, and expertise that will aid in comprehending the mechanics of industry pricing. Enhanced understanding of components such as bill rates and appropriate mark-up strategies will empower our members as they navigate budgeting, contracting services, and the implementation or expansion of their programs.

LockBox is a platform that emphasizes efficient communication, seamless resource allocation, and prompt attention to the needs of businesses and individuals who place client priorities at the forefront of their missions.

Critical access to support precisely when, where, and how it is required is important, so the process of accessing resources for program development or expansion should be straightforward. Vendors and professionals sign up through designated “profile types,” streamlining the search for specific services, training, or expertise. Corporate consumers can effortlessly locate and enlist pertinent resources through LockBox.

LockBox members will be able to utilize online courses and consult with experts, enabling them to gain a clearer grasp of effective Vendor Management practices. This understanding will extend to areas such as Cost Control, Quality Assurance, Operational Efficiency, and Scalability.

A notable challenge in Vendor Management is the selection of competent and accountable leaders (Corporate Consumer representatives; aka: Full-Time Employees) who possess the skills to foster collaboration, cultivate growth, and supervise vendor activities.

Members will also learn how proper vendor management impacts Risk Mitigation, Compliance & Regs, Protecting Data, and Business Conintuity.


Yes, LockBox accommodates a diverse array of professionals with varying expertise, education, and background in all aspects of Corporate Security, who are actively pursuing full-time employment opportunities

Yes. By accessing the LockBox Marketplace, members can explore the LockBox Global Business Directory, where vendors who specialize in ad hoc / on-demand services can categorize and list their businesses by location and service capabilities; facilitating a streamlined and accelerated process to meet urgent requirements.

Yes. LockBox has a ratings and review system connected to products and services.

Having a ratings and review system for vendor services is vital as it promotes transparency and trust, ensures quality assurance, provides valuable feedback for improvement, and holds vendors accountable. It empowers clients, fosters healthy market competition, aids in risk assessment, and offers valuable market insights for growth and innovation.

We want to help support the business that endeavor to provide great services and comfortable client engagements. 

Yes. Vendors offering customized, core, and sustainment training services are part of the LockBox community. They have the capability to adapt training services to align with client preferences and associated risks.

Yes, LockBox accommodates a diverse array of professionals with varying expertise, education, and background in all aspects of Corporate Security.


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