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While vendors can register and engage as active members within the LockBox community, they are required to attain “RFP Eligibility” status through a brief assessment process before they can take part in any client-initiated RFPs.

Vendors can enhance their visibility within LockBox’s platform through the integrated ratings and review system, earning positive client feedback.

Outstanding service providers will receive acknowledgment and a “spotlight” feature, highlighting them as top-quality service providers on LockBox.

Vendors can promote their businesses via LockBox’s activity feed, broadcasting information to the broader community.

Vendors have the option to establish “groups” where they can emphasize their brand by uploading materials and marketing content.

Vendors will be granted access to an array of online courses and coaching services aimed at assisting them in tailoring their offerings to better match the expectations of their clients, as inferred from both historical and current feedback.

This access to educational resources and personalized guidance enables vendors to fine-tune their services, adapt to evolving client needs, and ultimately enhance their overall service delivery. By leveraging these tools, vendors can stay attuned to client preferences, continuously improve their performance, and foster long-term client satisfaction and loyalty.

Yes, LockBox accommodates a diverse array of professionals with varying expertise, education, and background in all aspects of Corporate Security, who are actively pursuing full-time employment opportunities.

LockBox is a platform that emphasizes efficient communication, seamless resource allocation, and prompt attention to the needs of businesses and individuals who place client priorities at the forefront of their missions.

Critical access to support precisely when, where, and how it is required is important, so the process of accessing resources for program or short term project development  should be straightforward. Professionals sign up through designated “profile types,” streamlining the search for specific services, training, or expertise. Vendors can effortlessly locate and enlist pertinent resources through LockBox.

Yes, LockBox accommodates a diverse array of professionals with varying expertise, education, and background in all aspects of Corporate Security.

LockBox members will be able to utilize online courses and consult with experts, enabling them to gain a clearer grasp of effective Management and Reporting practices that have enabled the success of other program implementations. 

Yes. LockBox members will have the opportunity to engage in online courses and seek guidance from experts, empowering them to overcome conventional challenges and craft enhanced proposals and presentations that more efficiently communicate the value of their services and place clearer emphasis on the return of investment for clients.

Yes.  Smaller businesses, despite limited resources, can attract more business.  Through platform content and access to expert resources, LockBox can support this effort.

Members will have access to platform content and coaching to provide understanding and support vendor effort to better align with client preferences and requirements.


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