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Corporate Security Networking

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Corporate Consumers

Problem: Fortune companies, private and family offices are challenged to keep up with best practices in risk management solutions that support their Business Continuity efforts. Access to education, experts, and top-tier service providers is limited. 

Solution: LockBox is an all-in-one community that broadens access to educational resources, facilitates faster – more urgent communication, and enables clients to bring the experts to them when and where they are needed.  

Service Providers

Problem:  Limited outreach tools to market services and capabilities to clients who require their specific expertise. Recruitment delays, missed opportunities and high turnover due to limited access to candidates.

Solution: LockBox Marketplace brings visibility to vendors according to service category, location, and comprehensive service capabilities. Access to a deep pool of professional candidates based on service type, expertise, location and experience or client preference for recruitment.

Practitioners & Experts

Problem: Limited resources that teach effective networking strategies, limited visibility to client preference, limited understanding of personal marketing practices to align with vendor and client standards. Limited awareness of employment opportunities for newcomers, veterans, and law officers.

Solution: LockBox enables access to long-term jobs, on-demand work, access to forums, groups, community networking, training, and social events. LockBox enables vendors and clients to more easily access their expertise view profiles according to expertise, experience, location and career path.

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Corporate Security Courses

Corporate consumers can also tap into LockBox's online courses, offering essential insights and strategies gleaned from years of experience, contributed by clients with similar goals and providers who have assisted in the success of various programs.

Business Development

Align your business with client needs and preferences more efficiently. Participate as a LockBox Liaison and help shape industry standards and support important initiatives.

Leadership Commentary

"The most exciting part of this is that we have the opportunity to act as a driving force for progress in the corporate security industry. We will serve as a launching pad for innovation, out-side-the box thinking, and improved connectivity.

We will bridge the gap between knowledge and application, as well as services and opportunity. In simpler terms, we're enthusiastic about being a reliable industry partner striving for the collective well-being of our community"

"Rising tides lift all boats" - JFK
Erick McGraw
LockBox, CEO & Founder
"As Director of Content and Thought Leadership I will support LockBox's strategy for ther branded media content to be industry leading and thought provoking. We aim to give the Security industry healthy mindsets and best practices to aspire to.

Our primary objective is to bring Security Practitioners, Security Vendors and Corporate End Users together to establish benchmarks of quality an transperency within the security industry and unleash the ability of all who rely on its services."
Tim Wenzel
LockBox, Dir. Media Content & Thought Leadership | Kroll & The Kindness Games
"My vision for LockBox extends beyond mentoring. It encompasses the creation of a dynamic platform that unites vendors, individual contributors and consumers in the security industry. This collaborative ecosystem will serve as a hub for sharing best practices, training resources, and an interactive forum for the exchange of innovative ideas.

By bringing all of these elements together, we can drive positive change, promote excellence and collectively elevate the security profession."
Trinity Davis
LockBox, Senior Advisor
Sr. Partner | 360 Privacy

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